Hey readers! Are you looking for the best app to read free books? You are at the right place then. Gone are those days when people used to buy every book separately and read them. Because, having books may take up the space in your home and cause clutter.

Instead, you can opt for ebooks that can be easily downloaded and used whenever you want. In this article, you can find the 10 most advanced apps to read your favorite books.

Best App To Read Free Books: The Top 10 List!

1. Aldiko Next

I found that Aldiko Next is the best app to read free books which has quite good features in it. You can get this app on either Android or iPhone by downloading it from the respective app stores. Just like a real bookshelf, you can organize your own bookshelf in the app by downloading all your favorite books.

The app can support books of various formats like EPUB, CBZ, and PDF. Moreover, you can also access all the latest releases and bestsellers in it. As the app has built-in public library support, you can browse and read books from public library catalogs.

2. Amazon Kindle

If you want to access magazines, newspapers, comics, etc. apart from books, then Kindle is the right app for you. By downloading the app on your smartphone, you can change the font style, size, margins of the books, etc. to conveniently read the pages in the book.

Besides, you also have the option to adjust the screen brightness and page color according to your room’s lighting. In case you need a translation for specific sentences, you can get it instantly in the app itself. Due to all these aspects, I would say that this is the best app to read free books.

3. Wattpad

Wattpad is also one of the best apps to read free books on your smartphone. The app lets you browse some of the best genres and trending books.  You can create your own personalized library comprising all the books that you love. The app also gives you alerts whenever there is a new release.

Do you know how many languages you can read in this book? 50 different languages! That’s really a huge number which can help a wide range of audiences to read books in their native language. I would say that is the best app to read free books as the app shows you all genres like science fiction, mystery, comedy, fantasy, action, adventure, and more.

4. Kobo

If you want to explore a million titles including eBooks, audiobooks, and graphic novels, why not try Kobo?! I’m sure you would feel that this is the best app to read free books, once you install it on your mobile. The app ensures you comfortable reading with its features like night mode, and lock screen orientation.

Apart from English, the app supports languages like French, German, Dutch, Spanish, and more. While you read the audiobooks, you can keep track of the remaining time for reading. The app has got user-friendly interface which makes it the best app to read free books.

5. Barnes & Noble NOOK

What if there is an app that enables people with low vision to read ebooks?!  Barnes & Noble NOOK app comes with Android assistive technology, including screen magnification and TalkBack that makes it possible for bling and low-vision people to read ebooks.

Moreover, you can access over 3,00,000 audiobooks with the help of this app. If you want to share some of the highlights with your friends, you can do so with the help of social sharing tools. The best part is that due to the auto compatibility with Android, you can listen to audiobooks even while driving.

6. Scribd

Do you know that you can explore research papers, government documents, DIY hobbies, user manuals, case studies, etc. apart from the books? This is possible with the Scribd app. The app has a free version and a paid version as well to get a wide range of documents in the library.

But, if you ask me, you will have enough books and other documents in the free version of the app itself. Moreover, you can sync the app on any of your devices and start reading from where you just left off.

7. FBReader

This is one of the best apps for reading ebooks where the app allows you to install free plugins to open PDF and comic formats. Moreover, the app supports various ebook formats like Kindle azw3 (mobi), fb2 (.zip), and others like RTF, doc (MS Word), HTML, and plain text.

I found it the best app to read free books due to the customizations that can be done in the app. The interface is also pretty good and user-friendly which doesn’t seem funky. The app also allows you to read the ebooks offline whenever you want.

8. Oodles

Would you believe me if I said this app has more than 50,000 free ebooks in it?! Yes, you heard it right. There are a lot of ebooks in English and Hindi. The ebooks cover all the fantastic works from the best authors across the world. You can read these books in any format like eBook in epub, mobi, or txt format.

I suggest this app for those who especially prefer ebooks in Hindi. There are so many genres of ebooks like Fiction, Romance, Fantasy, Adventure, Science fiction, Horror, Short stories, Love, Religious, Humor, etc. I can say that this is the best app to read free books who expect various genres.

9. Google Play Books

I guess, this is a prominent app that is chosen by many for reading free ebooks. You can access thousands of audiobooks, comics, manga, etc. The app allows cross-device syncing with which you can read from where you just ended.

The best thing I like about the app is that you can use voice commands to make Google read your book. It makes your reading easy and simple. Also, the app lets you sleep timer after a specific time of reading.

10. Libby

Libby is one of the best apps with a good user interface to read ebooks. The app has a newly curated collection of audiobooks available for free. The app also sends you alerts whenever there is a new release of the best books.

As the interface of this app is quite convincing, you can easily navigate through the app and find your desired book. Moreover, there are a lot of options that allow you to customize the app as you like. This feature makes it the best app to read free books.


1. How do these apps handle user data privacy and security?

Data privacy and security measures vary by app and may include encryption and user consent for data collection.

2. Are there any features for community engagement or book discussion within these apps?

Some apps offer features for community engagement, such as discussion forums or book clubs, enhancing the reading experience.

3. Can users access academic or scholarly literature through these apps, or are they primarily focused on popular fiction and non-fiction?

While most apps focus on popular fiction and non-fiction, some, like Scribd, offer access to academic and scholarly literature.