Seeking for the best novel books to read? I guess, you find your answers here! Reading novels is one of the best ways to spend your free time with. It helps improve your vocabulary and reduces your stress levels as well. I have some of the novel book suggestions that have marked a huge success during the release. Also, they are the most loved novels by people all over the world. So, let’s see those mind-blowing novels in the article.

Here Are The Best Novel Books To Read

1. To Kill a Mockingbird

If there’s a book that talks about prejudice and its harmful effects, it is the book “To Kill a Mockingbird.” I’m sure we often make judgments without knowing whether it is right or not. Agreed? What happens if a judge sitting in a court does it? This is what happened to a black resident named Tom Robinson in the story.

He was falsely accused of a crime and the people around him prejudiced Tom since he was black. Atticus is a lawyer who tries to prove Tom’s innocence, but he can’t break the image created by the people. At last, Tom was punished even though being an innocent. This is the result of prejudice!

Detail Information
Author Harper Lee
Genre Southern Gothic, Bildungsroman
Number of Copies Sold 40 million copies
Why Read It’s a profound and compelling story that addresses themes of racial injustice and moral growth.
Moral Lesson The importance of empathy, understanding others, and the fight against racial prejudice.

2. One Hundred Years of Solitude

This is a book that talks specifically about a city called Macondo in South America and the Buendía family who found the city. It tells the story of this family over seven generations in Macondo, how the city developed with new technologies etc.

You will be taken to different time periods in the story as the book explores various events. It is one of the best novel books to read for almost all age category people.

Detail Information
Author Gabriel García Marquez
Genre Magic Realism
Number of Copies Sold More than 50 million copies
Why Read It gives a feel of magical and real elements in the story.
Moral Lesson Reflects on the cyclical nature of history and the inevitability of solitude.

3. A Passage to India

I often prefer books that have a story plot in the time of Indian independence. One such book that I would like to suggest to you is “A Passage to India.” In this book, the author explains the relations between India and the British. Aziz is an Indian doctor, who befriends two English people Mrs. Moore, and Miss Adela.

When Aziz takes them and his English friends on an expedition, Adela accuses Aziz of assaulting her. This creates tension between the two sides which leads to several crucial events. This is one of the best novel books to read for people who love historical novels.

Detail Information
Author E.M. Forster
Genre Modernist Literature
Number of Copies Sold More than 60,000 copies
Why Read It delves into the complexities of the British-Indian relationship and the struggle for Indian independence.
Moral Lesson Highlights the importance of cultural understanding and the destructive nature of prejudice.

4. Invisible Man

Do you know why is the book named “Invisible Man”? The author says that this is because he was an African-American, and people refused to see him. The story was set in 1952 when discrimination and racial prejudice peaked.

With no place to live, he lives underground, stealing electricity to light thousands of bulbs and listening to jazz, reflecting on his life. The author explains how undesirable his life was, between the white people in America. I’m sure this is one of the best novel books to read for students and other people as well.  

Detail Information
Author Ralph Ellison
Genre African-American Literature, Social Commentary
Number of Copies Sold 40 million copies
Why Read It’s a powerful exploration of identity and social issues faced by African- Americans.
Moral Lesson Emphasizes the need for societal change and personal self-discovery.

5. Don Quixote

If you are a person who loves to read satirical novels, then I would recommend this book. The story is all about Alonso Quixano and his comical adventures. When he reads about many chivalric romances, he loses his consciousness and starts imagining himself as a knight.

Even after being beaten up by people after doing silly things, he continues the same. This is one of the best novel books to read for having fun and a relaxed time!

Detail Information
Author Miguel de Cervantes
Genre Chivalric Romance, Satire
Number of Copies Sold 500 million copies
Why Read Considered the first modern novel, it humorously critiques contemporary social structures.
Moral Lesson Warns against delusion and the importance of perceiving reality clearly.

6. Beloved

Do you love horror stories? Because the book which I’m going to suggest is a haunting novel! Beloved is the book that tells the story of Sethe, who escapes from prison during the Civil War. She gets a traumatic memory of her past and the ghost of her deceased daughter, known as Beloved.

Since she had a dreadful thought of what slavery would do to her children, she kills her own child. This is the child that appears and haunts Sethe which gives an emotional pain. It is one of the best novel books to read for people who want to have a thrilling experience while reading.

Detail Information
Author Toni Morrison
Genre African-American Literature, Magical Realism
Number of Copies Sold 60 million copies
Why Read A haunting tale that confronts the horrors of slavery and its lasting impacts.
Moral Lesson Stresses the resilience of the human spirit and the need to confront the past.

7. Things Fall Apart

This is a book that tells us about the clash between the Africans and the British in the year 1958. The story revolves around Okonkwo, who belongs to the Igbo society of Africa, and his village with the effects of colonialism.

This is one of the few works that could manage to become prominent after a long time. It is one of the best novel books to read for people who are interested in African literature. 

Detail Information
Author Chinua Achebe
Genre Historical Fiction, African Literature
Number of Copies Sold 20 million copies
Why Read It’s a seminal work that examines the effects of colonialism on traditional African society.
Moral Lesson Shows the dangers of cultural imperialism and the struggle to maintain one’s identity.

8. Mrs. Dalloway

This is a book that talks about a day in the life of Clarissa Dalloway who lives in London. She gets ready for a dinner party and the story goes around her and the other few characters. Some instances explain the aftermath of World War I as the story is set in 1923.

Apart from this, you will come across many events that tell the effect of war on people’s mental health, and the social pressures. This is one of the best novel books to read as it has a unique narration from various characters.

Detail Information
Author Virginia Woolf
Genre Modernist Literature
Number of Copies Sold 2000 copies
Why Read Provides insight into post-WWI England and the complexities of human consciousness.
Moral Lesson Explores themes of mental illness, existentialism, and the value of life.

9. Jane Eyre

Do you know how hard the life of an orphan would be? Well, you will get to know it from this book. The story is all about a young girl named Jane who faces many struggles as an orphan like her cousin’s bullies, an abusive aunt, etc.

She falls in love with a man, who also turned to be a swindler. Accepting all these hardships, she moved on with other life and with patience without getting desperate. This leads her to Mr Rochester who is the right person for her and lives a happy life. If you are demotivated in life, I think this is one of the best novel books to read for people like you.

Detail Information
Author Charlotte Brontë
Genre Gothic Novel, Social Criticism
Number of Copies Sold 2 million copies
Why Read A pioneering feminist novel that challenges social norms and class hierarchies.
Moral Lesson Advocates for gender equality and the moral and spiritual awakening of the individual.

10. The Color Purple

The Color Purple is one of the best novel books to read for those who feel desperate about their lives. It tells the story of an African-American girl named Celie who faces a series of hardships in her life. The worst thing that happened to her life was an abusive father who made her childhood dejected and chaotic.

After that, she faces many other struggles like racism, teenage pregnancy, and abusive marriage as well. Yet, she was determined to overcome all these with all will.

Detail Information
Author Alice Walker
Genre Epistolary Novel, African-American Literature
Number of Copies Sold Over 5 million copies
Why Read It’s a stirring story of transformation and empowerment amidst adversity.
Moral Lesson Highlights the importance of sisterhood, self-worth, and liberation from oppression.