As a new parent, the most significant moment after having a child is undoubtedly their first birthday. With this milestone approaching, you have likely begun preparations such as buying decorations, sending invitations, and considering food options. However, if you want to make this occasion even more special for both your family and friends, have you thought about return gifts? A birthday return gift can be a small token of gratitude that will not only remind them of the celebration but also express your appreciation. So without further delay, here are 15 wonderful birthday return gift ideas for birthday return gifts to inspire you:

Birthday Return Gift ideas

1. Fridge magnets

You can customise fridge magnets with pictures of you and your guests together and add a personal message as a way to commemorate your baby’s first birthday.

2. Book of puzzles

A small and handy puzzle book that can be solved anywhere and anytime would make a great return gift for both kids and adults alike.

3. Personalized keychains

The perfect birthday return gift is a personalised keychain. Make a personalised photo keychain with a collection of photos of your good times together and give it to your guests as a birthday return gift. The gift can be made more special if you are an arts and crafts enthusiast by creating a handmade keychain.

4. Photo cards with a personal touch

Give your guests a simple and personalised photo card if you are unsure what would make a great return gift. You can easily have them made online and you can customize them with your own pictures and messages as well. On the other hand, if you do intend to give a return gift, then you can pair the photo card with the gift.

5. Board games

It is likely that one of the most important things for adults and children to enjoy in a household is board games. They can use them to play with their friends, siblings, or parents. You can give them some fun and exciting board games like Monopoly or Snakes & Ladders.

6. Miniature toys

As party favors, you might consider buying some miniature toys for the kids. These are great for boys since they usually like to play pull-back race cars. If the kids are younger, you might consider purchasing some miniature action figures.

7. Playdough

The playdough is a great return gift idea for kids. They are usually available in multiple colors and at several price points, so you can easily find one that fits your budget.

8. Scented candles

The best return gift ideas for kids are home improvement products. In addition, you can put them in a nice transparent box with a ribbon and a thank you message to make them extra special.

9. Wooden kids photo frame

By giving them a wooden kids frame as a return gift, you can make the occasion memorable for many years to come. If the frame is colourful and has stickers of popular characters or cartoons that kids love these days, it will be placed permanently on their study desks.

10. DIY kits 

Arts and crafts are a great way for kids to express themselves and bring their imaginations to life. If you have a small guest list or have a high budget, you can give the kids a DIY kit as a return gift. There are a variety of DIY kits on the market, including toy-making kits, coloring kits, and painting kits.

11. Books

In my opinion, books are the best return present for a first birthday. There are books for everyone, and for all ages. Find out what kind of books the children would like in advance, such as comic books, coloring books, or storybooks. Additionally, you can give books to adults as gifts.

12. Jar of treats

A simple return gift idea that will surely bring a smile to your loved ones’ faces is a nice and sweet jar of goodies and treats. All you need is a mason jar that you can fill with candies, cookies, and other treats. Aside from the pens, toys, and other items you can add, you can even make the jar more special by adding stickers, ribbons, and a personal message.

13. Lunch box kit

This return gift idea can be for children of any age group. You can buy a set of themed lunch boxes, or you can create your own lunch box set, which includes a bag, a tiffin, spoons, and napkins. The lunch box kit can even be personalized with the name of the child and a personal note of thanks.

14. Personalised notebooks

Give them a customised notebook made from images of the good times you’ll have spent together in the past. You can also include a personal message to thank them for attending the first birthday party. In addition, you can pair the notebooks with pens, a backpack, and a pencil pouch to complete the package.

15. Cartoon DVD’s

There are many reasons why this is one of the best return gift ideas, even though it’s old-fashioned and outdated. Moreover, who has ever turned down the opportunity to watch cartoons? In parallel with their popularity, DVDs are also becoming cheaper, which makes them a perfect gift for those who are on a tight budget.

16. Kids grip socks

Made from organic cotton and bamboo fibre, these are safe for sensitive baby skin, and come in a variety of stylish and colourful designs with dotted sole grips preventing the baby from slipping.

17. Gift bag with balloons

If you have already decided on a return gift, why not add a custom gift bag to the gifts? If you have a small guest list, make a custom gift bag for the kids with pictures that you may have from previous gatherings. Attach a balloon and cartoon characters to it to make it even more special.

18. Frame for hands or footprints

It may take a while to do, but it’s well worth it. You can create a frame with a guest’s handprint or footprint molded into dry clay or cement. The kids are going to love it. Start the party by taking handprints from the guests to ensure the cement sets. Add a little thank you note to the frame to make it even more special at the end. By the end of the party, the cement should be set and dried up for them to take home as gifts.

19. Caricature

If your guest list consists of a small number of people, a great birthday return gift idea would be to give them a custom-made caricature of themselves. In either case, you can have them customized in advance using pictures of your guests or have them made by a caricature artist at the party.

20. Polaroid images

You can capture memories of your first birthday party by taking candid polaroid photos of all your guests. This can be accomplished by using an instant-print polaroid camera that prints a polaroid immediately after taking a picture. You can make custom retro prints using some of their old pictures before the party if you’re on a tight budget. You can also add a personal message to them.

21. Cookies shaped cookies

One of the most creative return gift ideas would be to bake some 1 shaped cakes and give them to guests as a return gift. Put them in a little box with a thank you note if you don’t know how to bake. If you don’t know how to bake, hire a professional baker to do it for you.

22. Personalised Mugs as Birthday Return Gifts

You can even add a small message to thank your guests for coming to celebrate your baby’s first birthday by giving them a classic custom-made photo mug.

23. Simple photo frame

You will take lots of photos during the party, so why not frame them for your guests? It is as simple as uploading all the pictures to a computer and printing them out on A4 paper. Then you can frame those pictures in a simple and elegant frame. You can also add a small message to the frame with a sharpie to make it even more memorable.

A return gift is not just about being generous, but also about remembering the special occasion of the guest. Whatever you choose, be sure it is unique, interesting, and something that reflects the first birthday of your baby. It doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive either.