The pinnacles of Indian engineering education are the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs). If you are looking for the Top 10 IIT Colleges in India , then you have come to the right place. IITs were founded to increase the nation’s technical labor force, but over time, they have come to represent excellence in engineering education, research, and innovation. The IIT Colleges in India are renowned for their demanding academic programs, top-notch facilities, skilled professors, and excellent job prospects out of all the IITs.

Top Ten IIT Colleges in India

These IIT top 10 colleges are the best in the country which have been picked based on the rankings by NIRF, facilities, infrastructure, popularity, etc. among the total 23 IIT colleges in India.

1. Indian Institutes of Technology Madras

For the previous three years, this institution has been recognized as the top engineering college. About 550 highly qualified faculty members at the institute teach a variety of engineering, management, technology, and scientific courses. This institute has over 100 laboratories on campus, a few research centers, and sixteen academic departments.

Some of the notable works of IIT Madras are ‘BharOS, an Indian mobile operating system, VR classes to rural people, 12 IIT Madras alumni were involved in the Chandrayaan-3 mission, and developed Hyperloop prototype for next generation transport.

Indian Institutes of Technology Madras

NIRF Score  89.79
IIT Location  Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
Established Year 1959
Fee 2.5 to 3.5 lakh / year for UG

50000 to 1 lakh / semester for PG

Average Package 20 LPA

2. Indian Institutes of Technology Delhi

IIT Delhi was founded in Delhi’s Hauz Khas. Prior to 1963, it was known as the College of Engineering and Technology, but the name IIT was eventually adopted. This university comes in at number two by NIRF on the list of the best universities in the world. Mostly in the fields of science, IT, engineering, the arts, design, and management, it offers one hundred courses in six streams.

IIT Delhi has also been ranked 193rd by the QS World Ranking, and 47th by QS Asia Ranking. Innovations like ‘DotBook’ is useful for the blind, Nasofilters to protect from air pollution, RT-PCR-based Assay for Identification of Omicron Variant of SARS-CoV-2 have made IIT Delhi one of the top ten IIT colleges in India.

Indian Institutes of Technology Delhi

NIRF Score 87.09
IIT Location Hauz Khas, Delhi
Established Year 1961
Fee 2.5 to 3.5 lakh / year for UG

50000 to 1 lakh / semester for PG

Average Package 18 to 20 LPA

3. Indian Institutes of Technology Bombay

This is among India’s oldest engineering colleges. It was founded with help from abroad. Comprehensive graduate programs leading to doctorates in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and science are available at IIT Bombay. Seventy-five percent of JEE top 100 rank holders choose admission to IIT Bombay over the past five years.

Some of the best inventions that are extremely beneficial to society have been produced by IIT Bombay, such as hydrogen storage devices, NETRA (navy software for threat analysis), Daksh (a composter for use in homes and communities), and Bahubhashak (a translator that can translate between all Indian languages).

Indian Institutes of Technology Bombay

NIRF Score 80.74
IIT Location Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra
Established Year 1958
Fee 2.5 to 3.5 lakh / year for UG

50000 to 1 lakh / year for PG

Average Package 20 to 25 LPA

4.Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

This institute collaborates on research and academic projects with leading worldwide institutes. According to the QS World University Rankings, the premier institute is ranked among the top 500–1000 institutions. IIT Kanpur offers top-notch labs and equipment to facilitate research projects.

IIT Kanpur students have developed several specialized projects, such as the Lunar Rover, which is used to conduct experiments in kinematic control and vision-based navigation on terrain similar to that of the moon; Varun is an underwater vehicle; Abhyast is an unmanned ground vehicle; and so on.

Indian Institutes of Technology Kanpur

NIRF Score 80.65
IIT Location Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh
Established Year 1959
Fee 2.5 to 3.5 lakh / year for UG

50000 to 1 lakh / semester for PG

Average Package 16 to 18 LPA

5. Indian Institute of Technology Rourkee

IIT Roorkee is one of the top ten IIT colleges which was founded in 1847, and the oldest as well. It was once known as Thomason College of Civil Engineering and the University of Roorkee. There are 21 academic departments at this institute that offer doctoral, dual degree, undergraduate, and postgraduate degrees. It is among India’s top universities of national significance. The goal of IIT Roorkee is to generate high-caliber research results. In both national and international rankings, this institute has demonstrated exceptional success.

IIT Roorkee is named the 2023 “Most Innovative Institute” and receives the Grand Jury Award for being the Top Innovative Research Institution. Best innovations include ChaseMe ( Heuristic based Scheme for Electric Vehicles Green Mobility Management on Charging Stations in a Smart City Scenario, etc.

Indian Institutes of Technology Rourkee

NIRF Score 75.64
IIT Location Haridwar, Uttarakhand
Established Year 1847
Fee 2.5 to 3.5 lakh / year for UG

50000 to 1 lakh / semester for PG

Average Package  13 to 15 LPA

6. Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

This institution has its own curriculum, which is focused on the students’ general growth. This institute has one of the largest libraries in India, housing about 3.5 lakh volumes, documents, and research papers. The institute hosts Kshitij Fest and Spring Fest. As far as the NIRF rankings are concerned, IIT Kharagpur has performed admirably over time and placed at 6th among other IITs.

Some compelling technologies have been provided by IIT Kharagpur, such as the development of bio-mimetic autonomous underwater vehicles (BAUV) for maritime surveillance and DEEKSHAK: E-Classroom Software for Indian Academia.

Indian Institutes of Technology Kharagpur

NIRF Score 73.76
IIT Location Kharagpur, West Bengal.
Established Year 1951
Fee 2.5 to 3.5 lakh / year for UG

50000 to 1 lakh / semester for PG

Average Package  15 to 17 LPA

7. Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati

IIT Guwahati is India’s sixth IIT to be founded. The courses offered by this institute are intended to impart both theoretical and practical knowledge to the students. IIT Guwahati has increased the number of seats in order to support female students. This institute supports students’ concentration on entrepreneurship and research. Students receive placement assistance in addition to academic support.

IIT Guwahati’s contribution towards the environment is remarkable. For example, silica-coated cotton fabric developed by this institute would help separate oil and water effectively and can avoid harming the marine life. Moreover affordable GI sensors for diabetic patients, OsteoHRNet: for Knee Osteoarthritis treatement, and more.

Indian Institutes of Technology Guwahati

NIRF Score 70.32
IIT Location Guwahati, Assam
Established Year 1994
Fee 2.5 to 3.5 lakh / year for UG

50000 to 1 lakh / semester for PG

Average Package 4 to 16 LPA

8. Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad

The institute offers undergraduate and graduate courses through fourteen academic departments. This institute is well-known for its academic excellence, research capabilities, and close proximity to the IT sector. The institute is well known for having the most cutting-edge facilities available. Moreover, IIT Hyderabad has a very good placement history.

IIT Hyderabad is working on the 5G and 6G technology to develop indigenous testbeds. Other projects like Smart Irrigation, and Escort Robot make this institution a unique one.

Indian Institutes of Technology Hyderabad

NIRF Score 70.28
IIT Location Sargareddy, Telangana
Established Year 2008
Fee 2.5 to 3.5 lakh / year for UG

50000 to 1 lakh / semester for PG

Average Package 18 to 20 LPA

9. Indian Institute of Technology Indore

Indian Institute of Technology, Indore has been ranked 14th by the NIRF and the 9th best IIT college among the IIT top 10 colleges in India. The university has continued to hold the top spot among other IITs in terms of academic and research excellence. The Ministry of Human Resource Development established eight new IITs, this one being one of them.

IIT Indore has gained about 109 patents across several fields and has done over 627 projects to uplift the society. The recent project gained attention was IIT Indore has come up with an easy process to produce green hydrogen, which can be a better alternative to the conventional fuels.

Indian Institutes of Technology Indore

NIRF Score 63.93
IIT Location Simrol, Madhya Pradesh
Established Year 2009
Fee 2.5 to 3.5 lakh / year for UG

50000 to 1 lakh / semester for PG

Average Package 10 to 12 LPA

10. Indian Institute of Technology Varanasi

Indian Institute of Technology Varanasi holds the 10th place in the list and ranked 15th by the NIRF. It was once known as Banaras Engineering College, then in 2012 it was changed as Indian Institute of Technology Varanasi. For a variety of courses, the institute offers 14 academic departments.

In the year 2023, about 44 patents were published and granted by the government. The best renown ones are the biodegradable packaging material,  A Multi-mode electric vehicle, etc. It is indeed one of the top 10 IIT colleges in India to study science and technology.

Indian Institutes of Technology Varanasi

NIRF Score 63.74
IIT Location Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh
Established Year 1919
Fee 2.5 to 3.5 lakh / year for UG

50000 to 1 lakh / semester for PG

Average Package 15 to 18 LPA