Tired of staring at the same drab and lifeless walls every day? Are you looking for a way to freshen up your walls? We do, in fact. So here’s a list of TEN different changes you may make to your plain, empty walls to make them more fashionable and appealing. So, how about we have a look? Are you looking for new ways to decorate your walls? 

Those blank walls are full of potential, and a few improvements may transform a house  into a home design india. Continue reading whether you’re ready to transform those plain, barren walls into beautiful focal points. We’ve got the skills to crank up your walls and show out your individuality and taste, regardless of your style. 

You can select how much or how little updating your walls need depending on your tastes and preferences, and then go ahead and do it. Whether you’re an art collector, a wildlife enthusiast, or a book lover, you may personalize your walls to surround yourself with the things you love. 

  1. Go For Large-Scale Art 

In a tiny room, a big artwork or image will draw attention and create the tone. In a minimalist environment, try a black-and-white photo or inject color with a vivid abstract painting.

  1. Curate a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall provides individuality and color like nothing else. Add wall hangings and other ephemera to a collection of paintings or photography. Choose simple, coordinating frames or add a variety of intricate alternatives to spice things up! Extend the gallery wall all the way to the ceiling to give the impression of a larger room.

  1. Incorporate an Accent Wall

Consider decorating the walls itself in addition to exhibiting stuff on the walls. Create an accent wall with a bright and dramatic paint hue, or add pattern with wallpaper, stenciling, or other artistic paint techniques. (While you’re at it, consider changing your ceiling!) In a tiny space, these ornamental touches can have an even greater impression.

  1. Showcase a Fabric

In a neutral area, a tapestry or wall hanging can add a splash of color and pattern, as well as a sense of comfort. Vintage scarf or other lovely fabrics can be framed. Bonus: They’re a lot easier to transport than framed canvas painting when it’s time to relocate.

  1. Hang Up Mirrors

Who doesn’t enjoy passing by a nice mirror now and then? Mirrors reflect light and make a room appear larger than it actually is. Hanging a huge mirror or several tiny mirrors of various shapes and sizes on one wall can be a terrific addition to your bedroom or living area. This way, your wall won’t be empty, and your wall decor will serve a practical purpose in addition to being attractive.

  1. Paint a Mural 

Unleash your inner artist and create a mural on one of your bedroom walls. These paintings make you feel as though you’ve been transported to a magical, faraway world. If you’re not quite in touch with your inner artist yet, you may paint a mural by hand or use a wall covering. Only by picking up a paintbrush yourself will you be able to provide the most personal touch, so give it a shot. You can always paint over it and start over if you don’t like it. You could opt to create a story through murals in one or all of your rooms. Allow your walls to tell not only your room’s narrative, but also your own.

  1. Install Shelving

What is the first thing that springs to mind when you think about shelves? Are you familiar with books? So why not put these books on display properly? Install bookshelves on your walls to give your library a prominent presence in your  design homeideas design. On these shelves, you may also have some showpieces and planters to provide some color.

Floating shelves are another fantastic option for displaying favorite authors or hardcover volumes, as well as miniature sculptures and other oddities.

  1. Hang Plates

Why keep your excellent crockery hidden in a cabinet when you can flaunt it? To display your favorite dishes and serving platters, use wire plate hangers. If you’re a house item collector, this could be the move for you–breadboards have even been used as art on the walls of a Brooklyn brownstone.

  1. Display Sculptural Sconces

Sconces provide additional light while taking up valuable space on the floor or on a side table. To draw in light and style, select eye-catching house that also functions as a wall sculpture.

  1. Go Greener

Plants don’t have to be confined to the windowsill. To add a touch of greenery and wildlife to your walls, try hanging or wall-mounted planters. If you’re not a big fan of water, a high-quality faux plant is a good alternative. Plants don’t have to be grown in an outside garden or in a backyard, and they aren’t limited to window sills. You might go as far as creating your own vertical garden in the living room, or simply add some greenery to the space with a few wall-mounted pots. If you don’t have a green thumb or don’t want to bother with watering the plants in your living room, you might go for a high-quality faux-plant that will require no maintenance and will fool no one. home design india must for to decorate. interior  homeideas design room are awesom.

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