Are you graduated from Art school and worried about your future? Or you want to start an art business, but don’t know from where to start. In this guide, we will brief you on how to sell your art online. Our shopping guide will give you all information about the different steps involved in this process. Also, you will be able how to price your work, shipment of wall art painting, and bill your client internationally. To know all these and much more stay with us and start selling latest home design your art online. Besides this, you can also sell your art offline. 

Different online platforms

Different online platforms are available for selling new design home Paintings online. We are discussing some of them.

IndianArtZone is a Reliable Online Art Gallery in India for buying affordable high-quality hand-painted canvas artwork. Their have unique painting collection from renowned artists across the Globe makes them reliable in the market. Their painting categories include Indian Modern Art Paintings, Abstract Paintings, Indian Nature Paintings, Indian city Paintings, Indian traditional Paintings, Rajasthani Paintings , and more. As well, they enable commissioned art works and deliver worldwide.


Etsy is another mostly used platform for selling latest home design artwork. Besides selling your art you can also use Etsy for selling handmade items. You can create your account on Etsy using your information or you can mice your information from Facebook or Google to create your account. You can sell your original art as well as sell reproductions of your Paintings.

Amazon Art

When it comes to Amazon, you can sell new design home everything on it. But Amazon Art is dedicated to give the best art selling experience. It is one of the best market place, accessed by millions of people throughout the world. A user can create a seller account on Amazon by filling out a specific form. However, it will take time while create an account on Amazon. Because you have to provide your complete details from A to Z, as well as payment information. Artists can place their artwork there and wait till buyers connect with them.


Shopify is an e-commerce website and artists can sell their art using Shopify. To sell your artwork at Shopify a user will have to create his own shop. For this, the user will have to pay a monthly fee of $29. The price can vary according to the plan and can vary from $29 to $299. Besides this Shopify offers ninety days free trial for new users.

Besides the online marketplaces mentioned above, different art online galleries are also used for selling artwork. Some common and mostly used art galleries are listed below.

Saatchi Art

If you want that your art can be viewed by millions of users. Saatchi Art is the best place to sell your art. The website has over 2 million monthly visitors and more than ten million page views. Selling your art on Saatchi art is easier than ever. All you need to create your profile; upload your work and you are done. Like another website Saatchi Art also charges a 35% commission on every sale, so while listing a product keep the commission amount in your mind.


UGallery is another art gallery used for selling art around the world. The online templates of UGallery give your art an appealing look. While selling your artwork on UGallery, you will have to create an account and submit digital copies of the artwork to the UGallery team. Once you pay the application fee and complete the application process, they will list your art on their space and if any sales occur, it will be divided fifty by fifty.

The selling process of artwork can also be done via merchandising services. The two most common merchandising services providers are Redbubble and Society6.


Redbubble is a free-of-cost merchandising service provider. It is free for everyone. Anyone can join and sell their Paintings for Home Decor


Art worker can also sell their arts using merchandising services on society6. The properties, terms, and conditions of society 6 are just like Redbubble.

Well, we have discussed different ways to sell your art online. Besides this, there are different ways to sell your art online and offline. You can also use social networks like Facebook, Instagram to find a valued client for your artwork


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