Choosing paint is the most fun part of decorating, but it can also be the trickiest. We’ve taken the guesswork out of the process with our selection of the best paint ideas on canvas to guide and inspire you. Not sure what color to paint your room? When choosing a color, look to the color wheel for inspiration. The color wheel explains how colors relate to each other, whether side by side or diametrically opposed. Each of the twelve segments represents a color. Those on the left are hot, those on the right are superb. 

 Fantastic Mood Transform Painting Ideas

1. Bold block coloring

Using an accent shade to create blocks of color has become a popular way to add a splash of vibrancy to a bedroom color scheme. Use a section of heavy masking tape on a section of a block you wish to paint in the color of your choice, allow to dry thoroughly before carefully peeling off the masking tape to reveal a high impact injection of color into the coloring of your bedroom. This colorful bust is ideal for awakening the senses and creating a joyful mood.

2. Coordinating colors

Why choose paint color for a bedroom when you can create a canopy of colors with a canvas painting, all of which serve a different purpose with the scheme. Use your first color choice to paint most canvas paintings. Work with a lighter variation of wall color to highlight woodwork, such as window edges and shutters. Then, to add extra interest, use a completely different color, but with the same warmth, to paint a rail-like panel on top of the wall to frame the space.

3. Picture rail

Create the illusion of ceiling height by painting on a photo rail on a canvas. This simple yet clever splash of color helps draw the eye by elongating the walls. It works best with bare walls, rather than decorated with wallpapers and pictures. Choose a bright color to make an even more statement.

4. Refreshing Green Canvas wall painting and Curtains 

According to research, green is the best color to paint a bedroom, especially one along the lines of this soothing mint. Enhance the impact in the background by choosing curtains of the same color. This way, you’ll have fewer headaches when choosing bedding, as you’ll only have one color to coordinate blankets and pillows with, and the freedom to experiment with patterns.

5. Geometric Wall Mural

Point out the highest point of the mural, trying to decenter it from the headboard. Using a long straight edge, draw the first mountain shape in pencil, adding more to both sides. Use the frog tape to cover pencil outlines and crisscross random shapes on top of the mountain. Next, choose three tonal colors of matte emulsion, starting with the darkest at the bottom and working your way up to the lightest. When the paint is dry (apply two coats if needed), peel back the tape to reveal your mural.

6. Tropical Trees Look

At Ideal Home, we love distinctive wallpaper. But we understand that they can be expensive. If you’re looking to cut costs but don’t want to limit yourself to just one wall, try this trick instead. Choose your print, then find a canvas and paint that matches the background or coordinates with the design – the teal used here falls into the latter category. You should save one or it’s worth two rolls!

7. Mellow Feature Wall Paint

Change your mood by changing a room by painting a single wall with an accent color canvas painting. Choose your wall wisely and make sure the wall surface you choose is in good enough condition to draw attention to it. Sage green is a great color for relaxing, so using it in the bedroom will create a soothing vibe. A feature wall is easy to repaint when you feel like changing it up, so you can be as experimental as you want with your color choices. Trendy shades like sky blue or charcoal gray may require an extra coat to cover the wall, which is worth considering when looking at the color chart.

8. Matching Canvas Wall art coving

Bringing color to the wall and lintel makes the ceiling higher and a room look bigger. This is a trick, especially if you live in a house built in the 1980s or 1990s, where the ceilings can be particularly low. if you are looking for a color that works with dark wood bedroom furniture, a deep blue or green canvas wall painting is ideal. This has the effect of making the wood feel less “heavy” and less dated, which might be against a lighter gray or white, but still allows the furniture to pop.

9. Texture with Thoughtful Canvas Painting

If you’re looking to really make an impact with your color choice, try using bold paint effects on a canvas, which can add depth to any color scheme. By carefully mixing colors, in this case neutrals, from the same color strip, you can create a textural effect for your walls. This type of canvas painting method is a great way to make a statement without having to use garish or saturated colors. 

10. Bright Purple Look

If purple is one of your favorite childhood colors, you need to bring the hue into your living room to instill some fun into your stylish living space. We love how they put on this stunning paint job to add interest. 

11. Burgundy Walls

Wow your guests with this inviting burgundy color canvas wall painting that is sure to add drama to a space. Pair it with a velvet chair or sofa and add lots of leafy plants to get the ambiance our living space needs. 

12. Coral Living Room 

According to The Spruce, coral canvas on the walls isn’t used often enough. Just looking at this piece brings us joy – just like the quilted bright yellow sofa.

13. Geometric Wall Painting Canvas

Create a vertical striped canvas for your home or office. Use a pencil and tape measure to outline your design, then fill in each space with complementary colors like teal, black, aquamarine, and white. 

14. Twinkling Canvas Painting

Give your artwork an extra touch by installing battery-operated lights. Your DIY canvas can shine during the holidays or all year round.