If you hire staff to work for your company or your Low Investment Business, you would just be paying for their base salary. You will also be footing the bill for several added expenses, such as associated with insurance, paid leave, and retirement:

But if you do not currently have the means to cover those expenses, you are out of luck. With the help of top business ideas, you can get your business up and running successfully without even hiring an employee other than yourself.

Top Business Ideas for Solo Persons 


Whether you want to photographs weddings, birthdays, and other in-person events or sell stock images entirely online, a photography business can be a great way to run your business without even hiring a single employee. If you’ve an advanced digital camera and a PC, then you already have what you need to get started.


Podcasts are all rage now, offering entertaining and informative content to a range of viewers. If you can identify a topic subject you are passionate about and you enjoy speaking freely and connecting with all others, consider starting your podcast.

You can start a podcast about nearly any topic. There is an audience for any niche you’d think up. With engaging content and killer advertising tactics, you can gain a loyal fan following. This’ll eventually bring in revenue in the shape of paid ads and sponsorship and more.

Teaching Music

Get the most of your skills in music without hiring any staff by starting a teaching studio for music. You can pick which level to teach, whether that means instructing school kids on the basics or adults on advanced methods. As with any other employee-free successful business, it is up to you.


If you’ve particular skill that can be done as a business – such as graphic design, digital marketing, content writing or website developer or coding – create an independent business and providing your quality services as a service provider is a wonderful method to decode a side hustle into a permanent business.

Simply stated on the part of a 9 am to 5 pm, these kinds of arrangements can flourish into full-time jobs, and one-person processes when a solid network and super dependable body of work develop into Top Business ideas in your life.

Freelancers who launch a full-time business, which is a pass-through entity mean that revenue is taxed at a personal level rather than the corporate level. In other words, the salary or wage solopreneur takes is subject to personal income tax.


Students will forever need assistance honing their knowledge and getting better grades, so there’ll always be a market for teachers. This is true for a range of subjects, from a middle school grade to college-level studies. 

So, if you’ve proficient in your academic topic, then you can start your own teaching business without any employee to speak of.

Personal trainer

With corporations and employers looking to reduce health care expenses and a better awareness of diseases associated with obesity. Most are looking to get fit. A personal trainer makes their own plans and works for a diverse range of customers.

If you are a fitness expert with a head for business, this might just be the right plan for you. Just time to get moving!

Wrap Up…

Suffice it to say that if you are looking to start a Low Investment Business but do not currently have the resources needed to hire staff, you can still start your business without hiring a team of the crew. From writing content to teach, to website design to photography, your own business is at your fingertips.

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