Indian street food is known around the world for its taste, variety and easy access in different cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore to name a few. Some Street foods of India like Kathi Rolls, Daulat Ki Chaat, Chhole Bhature and Misal Pav are quite famous. Most of you will be familiar with this famous 90’s Bollywood track that not only depicts the real Indian street food scene but is enough to get you on a plate of bhel puri in an instant. When it comes to street foods of India , India tops the charts.The food and drinks that are usually sold on the streets of road sellers and sellers in portable positions and cars is what Street Food is called.If you’re a die-hard street food lover who just can’t resist the urge to try street delicacies, then this article will have your taste buds tempted in no time.


Known for hailing from the Kutch region of Gujarat, Dabeli is an interesting blend of smoothness and crunch in one go. Entering Gujarat you will see grand streets and narrow alleys full of dabeli stalls. This delicious cousin of vada pav is prepared by stuffing a spiced potato mixture into buttered cloths that are grilled on a tawa. A special dabeli masala goes into the preparation of this delicacy along with garlic tamarind chutney. To make the dish even crunchier, generous helpings of Sev Gathia and juicy pomegranate seeds are sprinkled on top.The street foods of India is also widespread and very popular in the state of Maharashtra.

Kathi Rolls: 

There isn’t any denying the truth that Kolkata flourishes on its kathi rolls; a go searching Kolkata`s streets is sufficient to justify the same. Made with a tasty filling of kebabs and uncooked veggies, kathi rolls aren’t most effective a deal with to the eyes however to the palate as well. The filling is filled interior a maida-primarily based totally paratha, that is flaky and crispy. A walk thru Park Street in Kolkata is most effective after having a dose of kathi rolls.

Nagori Halwa And Bedmi PurI:

This mixture of candy and savoury flavours is certain to make any foodie crazy. Bedmi aloo sabzi with nagori puris and halwa is the favorite breakfast go-to choice of virtually each Delhiite. Commonly to be had withinside the streets of Chandni Chowk, those dal-crammed puris are served with a highly spiced potato-primarily based totally curry and sooji halwa. It is a entire meal in itself and is pleasant relished whilst paired with a calming glass of candy lassi.

Daulat Ki Chaat:

Daulat ki chaat is one such road meal item, which is handiest in the course of the bone chilling months. If you want to enjoy the same, then you should look ahead a few times. This exceptional and sensitive dessert is thought of as a means of unique names in unique cities, which includes daulat ki chaat in Delhi, malayo in Varanasi, nimish in Lucknow, and malai makhan in Kanpur. Its creamy and frothy texture is derived via means of whisking sweetened milk for hours. It is then saved in a single day to soak inside the dew. The garnishing of malai, khoya, pistachio and powdered sugar offers this pride a mildly candy taste.

Mirchi Ke Pakode

This famous street best food in Rajasthan is otherwise called Jodhpuri mirchi vada. The delight of gorging on enormous measured green chillies that are cut open and loaded down with fiery potato filling is most importantly. What makes this Rajasthani street food much more heavenly is the fresh broiled covering, which is done subsequent to dunking the mirchis in besan hitter. Pair it with a few coriander chutney and you’re finished the day. It’s so delicious and Indians are lucky to have this on their streets.

Kanji Vada

This hot and flavourful beverage is a well known street foods of india enhanced with rai, stew and mustard. It is aged for north of three days and ready with an assortment of salts. Scaled down moong dal vadas drenched in tart mustard-seasoned kanji can make anyone slobber. It is best delighted when served chilled.

Chhole Bhature

This Punjabi road food has overwhelmed food sweethearts. In the event that you’re longing for deep food, chhole bhature fits in like a riddle. The mix of puffy hot bhaturas with zesty and velvety chhole is each foodie’s little glimpse of heaven. On the off chance that you end up being in Punjab, you’re probably going to observe a plenty of road slows down offering this joy. Pair it with a tall glass of chilled lassi and take advantage of this delicacy. Almost every Indian loves this street food and loves to eat chhole bhature in their breakfast.

Misal Pav

Hailing from Maharashtra, misal pav is a fiery flavourful curry, which is adored by individuals the country over. Made with moth bean sprouts and a melange of flavors, this street delicacy is finished off with chivda, sev, slashed coriander, green stew and so on In the event that you wish to partake in the genuine kinds of this zesty and thick curry, then, at that point, it is ideal to match it with buttered and toasted paos. Attempt this Maharashtrian road food once and it makes certain to leave you hankering for additional. 

Poha Jalebi

This delicacy from the roads of Indore is known for its tempting flavors; exclusively on the grounds that it’s a blend of two very flavourful pleasures – poha and jalebi. It is a light yet satisfying breakfast choice and is very kind with the pockets too. The poha is finished off with sev, peanuts and at times tomato and pomegranate, as well. It is then presented with steaming hot jalebis.

Paani Ke Patashe

Various names, one dish. Indeed, we are discussing gol gappas. In an assorted nation like India, each state has its own unique forte. Certain individuals call it pani puris and gol gappas, though, in certain states it is named as puchkas, gup chup or even pani ke patase. Pani ke patashe, as it is normally brought in pieces of Uttar Pradesh, is a scrumptious roadside delicacy, which is adored by children and grown-ups, the same.

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