Destination weddings are getting fame in India. Destination marriage refers to celebrating marriage events in a far-off area that can be a foreign country or a beautiful sight in the same country. Destination marriage created utmost fun for friends and families of bride & groom. It also gives a chance to visit foreign areas along with attending an awesome marriage. India is rich in having some of the most beautiful scenery areas in the world. You can visit beaches, mountains, and beautiful traditional sites. These sites are also suitable for a destination marriage. Indians like to arrange their destinations weddings in foreign countries at the start, but now, they realize the beauty of their own country. India has so many areas that are apt for a destination marriage. Here are mentioned some most trending Destination Wedding Locations in India

Destination Wedding Locations in India

1. Magical beach sites in Goa | Destination Wedding Locations in India

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A destination wedding needs an amazing site full of all the necessary objects. You can enjoy beach scenes along with having fun in marriage events. If you are fond of sea locations, Goa is an tourist places world. You can arrange a luxurious wedding here in budget-friendly packages. Here sea helps you make your romantic moments magical in the most appealing way. Local luxury hotels offer you flexible wedding packages. You can hire a wedding planner to solve all the formalities regarding hotel or resort booking. The planner will guide you on which site will suit you best for your intended wedding theme. You need formal permission to arrange your wedding events on Goa beaches. Some popular indian famous places list Destination for wedding in Goa are:

  • La Cabana Beach & Spa
  • Riva Beach Resort, Morjim
  • Marbela Beach Resort, Morjim
  • Marinha Dourada, Arpora
  • Longuinhos Beach Resort
  • La Grace Resort
  • Bogmalo Beach Resort, Vasco
  • Larive Beach Resort, Vagator 
    2. Majestic sites in Udaipur | Destination Wedding Locations in India

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Udaipur is considered a royal city in India. It is crowded with many lakes, royal gardens, and palaces. The palaces provide you with splendid locations which make your destination marriage an actual royal event. The presence of the historical building in bulk here has made it a centre of fascination. You will feel dreamy amusement during your wedding functions. It is good to have an accessible airport connection with the most popular sites for a indian famous places list wedding best destinations in india for
holiday. If you love to create majestic expressions in your wedding, the historical forts of Udaipur are the best pick for you. Some well-known destination wedding locations in Udaipur are:

  • The Oberoi Udaivilas
  • Jagmandir Island Palace
  • The Leela Palace Udaipur
  • Taj Lake Palace
  • Chunda Palace
  • The Lalit Laxmi Niwas Palace
  • RAAS Devigarh
  • Fatehgarh Udaipur
  • City Palace
  • Udai Kothi 
    3. Fantastic mentions in Jaipur | Destination Wedding Locations in India

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Jaipur is called a ‘pink city’ in India due to its overwhelming fantasy. Rajasthan is a centre of colorful cultures. Jaipur represents all the splendid cultural hues of Rajasthan. If you intend a royal wedding in a rich cultural setting, Jaipur can best serve you for your enthusiasm. Many modern palaces cum resorts are built in Jaipur to make your wedding a dreamy and incredible life event. The Indian Wedding best destinations in india for holiday is chosen to match the wedding theme and preferences of the bride and groom. You can feel the romantic hues passionately in its environment. Its magnificent sites will make your wedding a memorable event for you and your guests. You can arrange your wedding in Jaipur at one of these fabulous sites:

  • Taj Jai Mahal Palace
  • Pride Amber Vilas Resort
  • ITC Rajputana
  • Oberoi Rajvilas Palace
  • Fairmont Jaipur
  • Jaipur Marriott
  • Le Meridien
  • Gold Palace 
    4. Icons of love in Agra | Destination Wedding Locations in India

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Your Destination wedding could be highly romantic if you celebrated it in ‘the city of love’ Agra. Taj Mahal has made Agra among the most popular cities in the world. It is considered an icon for deep love and affection. You can have many tourist attractions which can prove an excellent destination wedding site. The tenderness of historical buildings from the Mughal Era has made this city a real charisma for lovers to celebrate the most memorable moments of their lives.

Furthermore, Agra’s charm as the ‘city of love’ extends beyond the iconic Taj Mahal, making it an exquisite choice for a romantic destination wedding. The city boasts numerous historical buildings from the Mughal Era, each exuding a sense of tenderness and grandeur. These architectural marvels create a captivating backdrop for couples seeking to celebrate their love amidst timeless beauty. With a plethora of tourist attractions, Agra offers not only a symbol of deep affection in the form of the Taj Mahal but also a myriad of enchanting sites to ensure a truly unforgettable and romantic wedding experience.

In essence, Agra beckons couples to embark on a journey of love and history for their special day.

You can visit these locations to choose one final for your destination wedding:

  • The Grand Imperial Hotel
  • The Palm Court
  • The City Square
  • Courtyard by Marriott Agra
  • The Oberoi Amarvilas
  • Hotel Clark Shiraz
  • ITC Mughal Agra 
    5. Marvelous Temples in Amritsar | Destination Wedding Locations in India

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Miraculous temples in Amritsar are also good locations for a destination wedding. Amritsar is the best option for couples who love infusing traditional and style together. You will love its serene environment. Amritsar’s allure for destination weddings extends beyond its miraculous temples. The city seamlessly combines tradition and style, providing a unique and culturally rich atmosphere for couples tying the knot. The serene environment further enhances the overall wedding experience, creating a tranquil backdrop for the celebration of love.

The top trending locations for a destination wedding in Amritsar are:

  • Lilly Resort, Amritsar Cantt, Amritsar
  • Holiday Inn, Ranjit Avenue, Amritsar 
  • Hyatt Regency, Amritsar Cantt, Amritsar 
  • Ramada Amritsar, Hall Bazar, Amritsar
  • Golden Tulip, INA Colony, Amritsar


India offers a diverse array of enchanting destinations for couples seeking a memorable wedding experience. From the magical beaches of Goa, the majestic sites in Udaipur, the culturally rich settings of Jaipur, to the iconic city of love, Agra, and the marvelous temples in Amritsar, each location presents a unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. These destinations not only provide a stunning backdrop for weddings but also ensure a blend of tradition and modern luxury. Whether exchanging vows by the sea, in a historical palace, or amidst cultural splendor, couples can create lasting memories in some of India’s most captivating settings. The diverse options cater to different preferences, making destination weddings in India a delightful and unforgettable affair for both the couple and their guests.


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