Many people while developing their house and stomping their heads for the right ideas to come by never pay much attention to their Bathroom interior design of house in india at all. For them it might not be a place that requires their attention, is secondary, or is simply not worth it. But these people don’t know how many impressions their bathroom décor can make on their guests and just how impeccable aesthetical space it can be turned into. bathroom design very important indian home decoration ideas.

You want to create a space that is calming and unique, is not overpowering at all, or simply stomped with too much element going about at the same time for that matter. With that being said following are some of the most elegant ways you can spruce up your bathroom space in such a way that it would become difficult trying to get out of the bathtub at times;

  • Marble and complimentary paint

Most people want to save some money when it comes to their bathroom renovation or décor, they want to go for the cheapest possible option and they want to do it in a hurry too. This is not the right way to get into the bathroom décor business. If possible try to incorporate some marble look inside your bathroom by literally incorporating some marble into it. Marble design very important indian home decoration ideas.

You could opt for a small marble dressing, marble railing or anything at all plus don’t forget to add complementary paint as well that complements the marble that you have just installed, overall it would give a nice and splashy pop to the eyes.

  • Always try to have some fun

At the end of the day, the only thing that you are going to like is your own specific and fun take on the bathroom décor. You should not feel forced or not completely at home with whatever decorating or implementations that you are introducing into the space. 

Liven up your bathroom space with bold colors, have distinguished wallpaper as a backdrop along the walls, behind the sink, along the edges of the bathtub, or almost anywhere that you can. Make your space entertaining for yourself and only you know what appeals to you. It could be art, paintings, a splashy wallpaper, or something else, whatever it is trying to bring into your bathroom. 

  • How about a barrel ceiling?

What you are trying to do with your bathroom décor inspiration is to break the conventional and traditional décor patterns and ideas and leave your own mark on the things. So, why should you keep rarely touched areas of a bathroom such as ceiling or cabinetry out of your reach? Framing out a barrel arch around your tub can help you to add a lot of textural and visual interest. 

It doesn’t only look inviting but a bit fresher as well. When you are tired and hop into for a long and neat bath you can just lose yourself in the deep imagination of yourself simply staring at the ceiling and letting the memories flow. 

  • Think about a fireplace

Doesn’t it sound a bit cliché like what we see in movies or high-end documentaries about home Décor ideas? Well, it doesn’t, and let us reassure you it looks ingenious and completely unique, like nothing that you have ever since. 

What you can do here is to recess these fireplaces into the wall ideas and create a bit dynamic look that is not too overpowering but at the same time registers as a magical setting for sure. Another great adaptation here could be to opt for a sunken bathtub to make the overall room appear more spacious than it originally is. It is kind of like hitting two bulls’ eyes with a single arrow. 

  • Male wall paneling your friend

Home décor experts and designers across the globe value and prefer wall paneling when the objective is to add warmth to a room. And if your objectives with your Bathroom Design Wall Decor are the same then there is absolutely no harm in proceeding with this great home décor adaptation. 

This could work out even more perfect for you if you don’t have any window in your bathroom and only a wall alongside the bathtub. You can begin paneling either the borders of the wall or the whole wall with some kind of decor interior design of house in india or pattern that appeals to you. Here you actually have a chance to opt for something that is either a bit overdone or kind of a simplistic and minimalistic approach. 

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